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Let me just preface this by saying that Allison Argent does not deserve to die. She is a teenage girl. She was just a teenage girl, and she should not have died.

And ya know what? I am not standing for it. There is no way Allison Argent stays dead.

So this is my fix-it fic. Apologies for any errors, all of them are mine. (In addition, I make no claims that anything in this referring to any Japanese mythology or resurrection or angels is accurate, it was completely pulled out of my ass and I don’t even care because Allison lives goddammit.)

Allison Argent is not dead.

Because Allison Argent is an angel.



Lydia’s scream is still ringing through the night.

She just felt her best friend die.

Allison Argent is lying on the ground, and no one believes she’s dead. No one wants to believe she’s dead.

She can’t just be dead.

And yet her bow is lying in the dirt by Isaac’s feet, and Scott’s face hovering above her is streaked with tears. She has blood spreading across the front of her shirt, and she stopped breathing.

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Adventure is out there!

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